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TAIWA®’s AI outperforms the human coach, not only democratizing access to 24/7 professional precision AI coaching, but empowering users to achieve personal and professional development and transformational outcomes at an exponentially higher rate and magnitude.
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"TAIWA® helped us identify and tackle key 21st Century leadership challenges that directly resulted in effectively elevating the vision, mission, strategy and execution at Wefox Group, bringing greater focus and alignment into our C-Level leadership team, recruiting top talent, working toward building a more human and transparent high-performance culture, supporting us in successfully closing a $125 million investment round, and achieving 400% growth company wide."

Julian Teicke
Founder & CEO, WeFox Group

Why use TAIWA®


TAIWA® collects and analyzes vast amounts of data about an individual's performance, behavior, and preferences to offer personalized professional coaching  and guidance. By using machine learning algorithms, TAIWA® creates and implements precision tailored AI coaching plans to help individuals achieve their goals, which would be impossible for a human coach to do.


TAIWA® is available 24/7, anywhere and anytime, allowing individuals to receive immediate feedback, guidance and personalized coaching whenever they need it. This is especially helpful for individuals who have busy schedules or lack access to a costly and constantly available human coach.


TAIWA® provides consistent coaching and guidance, which can be especially useful for activities where consistency is crucial for success. Unlike human coaches who may have personal biases, emotional fluctuations or prioritised personal needs that can affect their availability and coaching, TAIWA® provides objective feedback and precise professional coaching every time.
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